An analysis of the economic development of ghana

The climate of insecurity linked to the activities of terrorist group Boko Haram will keep adversely impacting the agricultural sector in the west of the country.

An analysis of the economic development of ghana

The half-year estimates show that the economy remained fairly resilient, growing 4. The economy is projected to rebound to GDP growth of 5.

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Macroeconomic evolution Overall macroeconomic fundamentals were stable in Authorities pursued prudent monetary, fiscal, and exchange rate policies. Fiscal policy was expansionary and focused on financing infrastructure mega-projects.

The balance of payments deficit improved slightly to 0. This progress increased foreign exchange reserves 0. Economic performance in was mixed. The drought and the presidential election crisis likely affected macroeconomic performance.

Economic Development Analysis Analysis, estimation and identification of economic developments and trends for key geographies/sectors. Moody's Analytics provides analysis, estimation and identification of economic developments and trends for key industries, states and metropolitan areas. USAID economic growth programs in Ghana enhance the competitiveness of agricultural firms in domestic, regional and international markets. In addition, USAID is working with the Government of Ghana to strengthen management of the oil and gas sector. Ghana is a stable, democratic country with a free press, active civil society, independent judiciary and apolitical military. USAID and the Ghanaian Government work together to generate prosperity and security for both the Ghanaian and the American people by increasing agricultural production, employment opportunities, and income for the poor, improving the quality of health services and.

Inflation increased to an estimated 8. The economy is projected to be stronger from onward. This is expected to continue as the country remains the leading regional hub for information and communication technology, financial, and transportation services. Recent investment in rail and road and planned investment in a second runway at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport are potential growth drivers.

Macroeconomic stability continues, with most fundamentals projected to remain healthy. Prolonged political activities and the presidential election impasse hurt private-sector activity.

Ghana: Economic Development in a Democratic Environment--IMF Occasional Paper No.

Although not conclusively assessed, interest rate caps have reportedly constrained credit expansion, leading to reduced private sector investment.Ghana’s import suggests that imports trade plays a major role in Ghana’s economic development and it would continue be a key sector to the economy.

This compares favorably with the composition of consumer goods in. Ghana: gender analysis and policymaking for development (English) Abstract. This study is the product of sector reviews and analyses, designed to support the government of Ghana, in the development of a gender strategy program.

An analysis of the economic development of ghana

Ghana’s economic performance over the medium term will, to a large extent, depend on the success of the economic stabilization program. The report recommends that the Government sustain the fiscal consolidation efforts.

The World Bank Group aims to help Ghana sustain economic growth, surpass the goal of halving poverty by , and maintain its middle income status.

An analysis of the economic development of ghana

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Economic growth is not equivalent to development, however, and despite significant growth and improvements in the quality of life, Ghana faces persistent development challenges that .

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